Review of Maryann Miller’s “One Small Victory”


One Small Victory explores the aspects of a mother’s grief and the lengths she will take to protect her family and community in her son’s honor. The book starts off fast paced, with the death of Jenny’s son. We are introduced to what remains of her family and the inner conflicts left there. As Jenny grieves, she also finds a strength within her, not just as the sole provider and protector for her children, Scott and Alicia, but also as a woman who wants to make a change, a difference for her community. She is really ill-prepared for her role and it shows. No superwoman subsonic spandex change, here, not at all. The fact she is, at first, out of her depth makes her reactions believable, and the story interesting from her POV, but not 100% plausible. More than once I wanted to box Steve’s ears. I mean what was he thinking, sending her out to scary DQ corners? Getting beyond that, I found the story kept my attention and I was invested in the outcome. I’m glad the romance aspect wasn’t overdone, given the sad situation. This helped make the rest more believable. At times it is definitely heart pounding and cathartic. It’s a good read.

I only review books I like. One Small Victory gets 4 stars. -Kara




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  1. Kara, thank you so much for the lovely review. I’m so glad you liked Jenny and her story.


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