Book Lover’s Buffet May 1-3 EXTENDED

Book Lover’s Buffet EXTENDED through the weekend.  Yay! Lots of prizes being given away.

All types of Romance, from Contemporary, to Mystery, to Horror.

Of course, Kara’s favorites are:


Enter to win up to $400 in gift cards to the online retailer of your choice, generously donated by the authors in the 99-cent sale!

You’ll get one entry for liking [Book Lover’s Buffet] us on Facebook, and 5 entries each for helping spread the word about the sale on Facebook or Twitter.

 What are the prizes?

One (1) $100 gift card to the online retailer of the winner’s choice
Two (2) $50 gift cards to the online retailer of the winners’ choice
Four (4) $25 gift cards to the online retailer of the winners’ choice
Five (5) $10 gift cards to the online retailer of the winners’ choice
Ten (10) $5 gift cards to the online retailer of the winners choice
To find out more got to the Book Lover’s Buffet Website!
Just our way of saying thank you for supporting indie authors. Your support means a lot to us!!!


  1. Author

    Fellow Book Lover’s Buffet authors, please fell free to add your blurbs and link here!
    -Kara 🙂

  2. Blurb for ‘Therapy Rapture’

    Perry has a desire for the right woman to spend some time with, enjoying each other’s company, a romantic interlude that would lead to that one fabulous encounter, bringing complete ecstasy.

    Rowena is a therapist who has endured a repressed childhood. She loves dressing up and feels that the clothes have a way of caressing her body. She wants him to open up his mind to his dreams.

    He begins to ache for Rowena. He finds her dark, sultry and somewhat reserved. He finds hard professional women sexy, and she happens to be just the one he believes could bring out that strong urge that he needs to release. Rowena wants him to incorporate his dreams into a healing process. She is able to help him release his inner self as the two have some romantic interludes that lead to total satisfaction. By giving into what their hearts and mind desires, they are able to find that one medium that captures their souls. After everything is over, will they be able to face the world positively?

  3. My Killer My Love. An Immortal Enforcer. An Innocent Woman. The soul he’d forgotten he possessed.

    Upon her grandmother’s death, Kendra inherits a cottage deep within the sequoia forest, along with the powers given only to certain women in her family—powers she doesn’t know she has. Kendra returns home to the remote cabin determined to heal both her body and her spirit. But the forest is ailing, too. Evil lurks in its dark places, turning its quiet glades into a battlefield. When a strangely beautiful man appears at her cabin intent on punishing her for a crime she didn’t commit, Kendra needs all her strength to protect her forest, her life… and her heart. Can she learn to use her powers and to trust Mykhael in time to save the ancient forest?

    Throughout his long life, Mykhael has struggled, often in vain, to please the Atrahasis, immortal overlords of the sacred places in the universe. Now they have given him one last chance to redeem himself. He must punish the person they think desecrated an ancient forest in Northern California. But when he meets Kendra, he realizes he’s doomed to disappoint them yet again. Not only is she innocent of the crime the Atrahasis have accused her of, Kendra is the missing part of the soul he’d forgotten he possessed. Can he defy the Atrahasis yet again and live long enough to save the only thing in his life that matters?
    at Amazon:

  4. Thanks for promoting the Buffet!

    Here’s my blurb from The Beckoning of Beautiful Things, in paranormal (

    The ground began to vibrate. Marissa’s eyes flew open. A terrible screech erupted. The space next to Daniel split in two and Kali’s blue-black body emerged. She stomped her foot and a thunderous sonic boom ruptured the atmosphere. Her four arms launched out from her torso, wielding a sword, a man’s head, and a bowl to catch the blood dripping from the man’s neck. It drip, drip, dripped into the bowl, creating small splashes. She held nothing in her fourth hand. She held it open facing Marissa.

    Marissa stumbled backward.

    “You’ve called me. I’ve come. Does this mean you’re prepared to face the darkness?” Kali’s voice was like a blade being ground against a spinning stone, deadly and insistent. Her red-rimmed eyes bulged fierce and huge. A necklace of heads hung from her neck, while her skirt was fashioned from rows and rows of arms, their fingers affixed to the waistband with leather bindings.

    “I…I…I don’t know.” Marissa’s eyes jumped to the dried blood at the end of each arm and the vacant eyes of the heads.

    “Should I ask the Numen?” One finger reached toward Daniel’s cheek and slowly snaked down to his neck.

    He flinched and froze in place.

    The goddess moved her finger down along his jaw and descended to his neck. She made a swift slicing motion. She extended a long, red tongue from her lips and gave one sweeping lick of the delicate skin in the hollow of his neck. “Mmm, Night Numen, you’d make a fine consort.”
    Daniel took a sharp intake of breath.
    Marissa yelped.
    Kali twirled the tip of her tongue around and around in the well of skin above his sternum. “Your pulse is rapid. Are you scared?”

    His jaw worked and his mouth clamped in a slit. “No.”

    “I don’t believe you.” She threw back her head and laughed. The laughed echoed in every direction. “What is it you want, child?”


    “That’s easy.” She smiled.

    Her smile did nothing to ease Marissa’s shivering belly.

    “And what will you give me?”

    “Wh…wh…what do you want?”

    The goddess seemed thoughtful. She cocked her head and scrutinized Marissa. Her long, long black hair fluttered in a non-existent wind, curling around her face like beckoning fingers.

    Marissa’s mouth dried into a plaster-filled aperture.

    “I’ve got it.” The goddess smiled again. “I want you to be like me.”

  5. Kara, thank you!


    It’s all in the Cattitude…

    After Belle the cat switches bodies with a psychic on the run from a murderer, she wants her perfect cat body back instead of this furless human one. But she doesn’t count on falling in love with her former owner. Or that a CEO and a beauty queen want to use up her nine lives. Now is her chance to prove anything a human can do, a cat can do better.


    Katie Guthrie has pie magic. Intuition tells her what to bake. Whether it’s a Goodbye Pie or a Welcome Home Pie, it will turn out perfect and be waiting for the person who needs it most.

    She cherishes her life in the small village of Miracle, Wisconsin, and has no desire for change. But to help a friend, she agrees to film a cooking pilot show. Only to realize the filmmaker is the dying boy Katie used to call her angel when she lived in Chicago with her junkie mother.

    Gabe Robbins is no angel, and he’s no boy anymore. Burned out after a three-year stint building a hospital in Africa, Gabe ignores his demons by living day-to-day and filming wedding videos. Nothing deep, nothing he has to become invested in. Nothing that will get under his skin, until…

    Watching Katie create her pies from behind his video camera makes him realize what he’s missing. Thanks to Katie and her pies, Gabe discovers his passion again. But will it lead him to his heart’s desire…or will this miracle take him away from Katie forever?

  7. Thanks for the opportunity to share about our books!

    Sink or Swim:
    After starring on a hit game show set aboard a Tall Ship, personal trainer Cassidy Novak discovers that she has attracted a stalker. Can she trust Zach Gallagher, the gorgeous newspaper photographer assigned to follow her for a local series? As things heat up with the stalker and with Zach, soon Cassidy will need to call SOS for real.

    And two young adult novels:

    Dark Before Dawn: When teen psychic Dawn Christian gets involved with a fortuneteller mentor and two girls who share her mysterious talents, she finally belongs after years of being a misfit. When she learns her new friends may be tied to freak “accidents” in town, Dawn has an important choice to make – continue developing the talent that makes her special or challenge the only people who have ever accepted her.

    Face-Off: Brad’s twin brother T.J. has gotten himself out of the fancy prep school his father picked for him and into the public high school Brad attends. Now T.J. is a shining new star on the hockey team where Brad once held the spotlight. And he’s testing his popularity with Brad’s friends, eyeing Brad’s girl and competing to be captain of the team. The whole school is rooting for a big double-strength win…not knowing that their twin hockey stars are heating up the ice for a winner takes all face-off.

  8. Thanks for featuring the book buffet… I have 4 books on sale, under my alternate name AMBER CAREW:

    Trust and betrayal while undercover

    Angel is experienced in a lot of things, but love isn’t one of them.

    Angel has been deep undercover in the mob for too many years. Love is the last thing on her mind. Until Frank walks into her life once again. She almost fell in love with him four years ago, but had to betray him to the mob to protect her cover. He barely got away with his life, and now he hates her.

    Too bad they’ve been partnered to work together. As man and wife.

    Surrender control to sexy stranger

    The intensely sexy stranger was everything she wanted in a man, and everything she hated. He was intelligent, passionate, and compelling. Authoritative, domineering, and stubborn. And he would stop at nothing to convince her to surrender to him, body and soul.

    Even though she sensed he would never hurt her, his ability to bend her to his will terrified her. She vowed never to surrender control. But ultimately, would she have a choice?

    Overwhelmed by a dominating stranger

    For some reason, Fate has been messing with Lucinda’s love life.

    By all known wizard lore, she should have bonded with her mentor Rand, but there’s simply no chemistry between them. When she gets “The Call”, which shouldn’t happen for her, she is faced with an incredibly sexy, entirely naked man in an alley in Paris. Getting “The Call” means she is supposed to be his mentor… and his one true love. Clearly Fate thinks her life is a joke.

    Now she is stuck mentoring a man who is utterly domineering, overwhelmingly masculine, incredibly irresistible and, according to her most trusted friend, extremely dangerous.

    Genie’s decision: heart versus duty

    Dawn has suffered centuries of loneliness cooped up in a brass bottle. Now she has fallen in love with her new master, Luke, a stupid thing for a genie to do.

    Luke still loves his ex-fiancee and realizes the beautiful genie he frees from an ancient bottle may be the key to winning Evelyn back. How can Dawn reconcile what her heart desires with what duty demands of her?

  9. REDEEMED – historical romance set in Charlemagne’s Empire. Doeg requires two things in a wife. Philantha has only one requirement in a husband, but it challenges the barriers Doeg has maintained for decades around his heart and body.

  10. Forsaken, Ancients of Light #2 (Paranormal Romance) is included on the Buffet.

    Fire is her Destiny…
    Ella long ago determined she would not live a life where magic defined her. Feeling no kinship with her Caste, she walked away from the Realm and its conflicts. She found acceptance and fulfillment in her life amongst the mortals and is on the brink of achieving her dreams.

    Darkness is His Curse…
    Nicholas is the most revered warrior in the Darks’ army. His personal animosity towards the Light drives his existence and draws him to the one Witch he is set on controlling. Nicholas knows the reasons that Ella never found acceptance within the Fire Caste of Witch and he will use that knowledge to pursue his Dark agenda.

    When two of the most powerful immortals on opposite sides of Realm collide in divinely-inspired fate, neither will escape unscathed. Only when the Forsaken finds grace will Ella and Nicholas be able to fulfill the destiny that has always been meant for them.

  11. Many thanks, Kara, for letting us highlight the books we have on the Bouquet of Books sale. May the ghost of Shakespeare send fertile dreams to your imagination! My 99c books in the sale are science fiction with romantic elements:

    The Trial of Tompa Lee – When Tompa is abandoned to cruel alien justice—trial by combat against 300 accusers!—only her enemies, including the hunky cop who arrested her, can help.

    I have Kara’s permission to quote her reaction to this book: “I loved it. One of my fave reads of the year.”

    The Midas Rush – All that young shepherd Tresky Buffrum wants is a taste of adventure. Instead he finds a mysterious virgin bride, mad murderers, and aliens who are either gods … or demons.

  12. Thanks for promoting the buffet and for allowing us to post. My paranormal romance is Wait Until Moonrise.

    Water pattered against the floor as she rose and stepped out of the tub and onto a plush rug. Bath water gurgled down the drain and…

    Clutching the towel suddenly against her wet, naked flesh, Bria whipped around. There had been a sound in the darkness, like the sharp intake of a breath…


    She stared through the narrow opening of the bathroom door. Fear tickled the lining of her stomach. She could have sworn she’d closed that door. And the lamps she’d lit throughout the suite had gone dark, leaving only a faint glow of moonlight.

    Fear overwhelmed her. Still clutching the towel, she bolted forward and shoved the bathroom door closed. Pressing an ear to the wood, she listened for sounds of movement, but heard only the cadence of tiny hairs rising on her damp body.

    Calm down, she thought. You’re tired. You just heard the wind…this old place is probably full of drafts. And the lights…it’s probably nothing but an overloaded circuit.

    Backing away from the door, she rubbed the towel over her chilled flesh, and tried to ignore the voices of fear and reason that argued across her mind. Uncomfortably, her memory chose that moment to bring up Davy Cadall’s spooky stories.

    She took a deep breath and said aloud, “There is no such thing as a ghost.”

  13. Thank you for posting about the sale! I’m also participating with:
    Erin Reilly wants to live life on her own terms far away from her psychotic ex-husband, Daniel. However, when she moves half-way across the country, pulls her life together, and falls in love with corporate lawyer Colin Marshall, Daniel follows her.
    Colin’s belief in love and desire for a family were abandoned with a woman’s betrayal. And he questions his own capacity for love, until he meets Erin and is willing to test the boundaries of his heart.
    Through a series of devastating events engineered by Daniel neither of them believes they can ever achieve their dreams.
    But Colin proves he is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for love and help Erin discover the strength and courage she needs to conquer her fears and the monster who tries to destroy them both.
    Erin wants the American dream. Colin wants to give it to her.
    But can they escape the nightmare that threatens their very lives?

  14. Thanks for letting us promo our books here. I have two novellas in the sale:

    The Sheikh’s Spy: Taken as collateral against her brother’s gambling debt, Olympia is not cut out to live in a sheikh’s harem. When she learns that the life of the neighboring Sheikh Adnan of Zahiria is in danger, she escapes and presents herself to him in his heavily guarded palace in the middle of the night. Adnan doesn’t trust this beautiful foreigner. Why would she risk her own life to save his? Soon they are both in danger as dark energies move to take control of the area.

    To Kiss A Leprechaun: Only one rare female can break the spell that has plagued Lorcan, prince of fairies, for hundreds of years. Now that he has finally found her, what can go wrong? All he has to do is convince her to ignore the ugly spell he is under and kiss him. Aine is mesmerized by his beautiful eyes and the tone of his voice, but cringes at the rest of him. But even after all these centuries, forces exist that intend to keep him trapped. Lorcan must rescue Aine, or is it Aine who must rescue Lorcan? Time is short, will they kiss in time?

  15. Thanks for posting about the sale!

    My book is TIN ANGEL, a light paranormal romance about second chances.

    For the first time in Alice Hart’s life, she likes the way she looks. The ugly duckling has become a swan. But how could this be? She’s ninety years old, far from young and beautiful…

    Alice Hart is a lonely old woman who believes true love happens only once in a lifetime. When the angel Christmas tree topper given to her by the man she lost sixty years ago comes to life, Alice’s wish to be young again is granted, but she’s given only ten days to find true love or die unfulfilled. So she concocts a story that she’s Alice’s long lost niece, hoping to attract the attention of her handsome tenant.

    Disillusioned by his experiences with high-maintenance women, Jack Billings yearns to find an old-fashioned girl who is more interested in his heart than in material things. When his elderly landlady vanishes, her newly arrived niece, Ally, seems to hold the clues to her disappearance. Jack at first dismisses Ally as another material girl, but as he digs deeper into Alice’s mystery, he learns that Ally is more than what she seems and worries that the girl he’s coming to love might be a scam artist or worse.

  16. An FBI agent and a Mafia princess in love–career suicide or everlasting love?

    FBI Special Agent Alex MacGregor has a bad habit of making and breaking promises. Over the years this habit has brought him heartbreak…and broken some hearts as well. But now his older sister has disappeared. Vowing to find her, he takes leave from the Chicago FBI field office’s Violent Crimes Task Force and heads to upstate New York. This is one promise he’ll keep. Even if it means facing sexy Bette Smithson again, the beauty he rescued six months earlier and left behind with a kiss and another broken promise.

    Book Lovers Buffet Mystery/Suspense Page

  17. Thanks for spotlighting the 99-cent sale, Kara! It’s been a lot of fun, I’m glad it’s been extended through the weekend.

    Party-girl Allison Kelly has it all–great friends, a flourishing business, and an active sex life. She’s beautiful, busy and blissfully fulfilled, with no time or inclination for a relationship. Sure, she suffers the occasional twinge of loneliness. Who doesn’t? But if her latest boy-toy is unavailable, there’s always another one at her friend’s dating service, Cupid’s Cavalry.

    Life has been anything but a party for Benjamin Turner. Orphaned at fifteen, widowed at twenty-three, he traveled the world on self-imposed exile, but he couldn’t outrun the loneliness eating away his soul. Finally home again, he’s dedicated to serious endeavors–ending world hunger, providing clean water–not partying. But he’s also ready to give life and love another chance. It’s Cupid’s Cavalry to the rescue. Maybe.

    He’s looking for stability. She wants a good time. Will Cupid’s arrow find its mark this Valentine’s Day, or will their pairing prove to be Cupid’s biggest mistake?

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