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Author Questions

Hi Authors!  If you are doing an interview post, please choose 5-10 questions. Thanks!

Have you ever wept over a character?

Have you ever had to kill off a character? How did you make that choice? Or was that choice taken from you by the story/characters?

Have you fought with your characters? Who usually wins?

What genres (or sub-genres) have your explored? Which do you find the most challenging? Why?

Which sub-genre of Romance do you feel the most comfortable writing in? Why?

How do you know when you’ve hit your zone?

Do you have a daily writing ritual?

Are you superstitious about your work? Explain a bit about that. I’m curious!

Are you a plotter, a pantser, or a hybrid?

Do you prefer to write novellas, short stories, or full-length books? Which do you prefer to reading?

Who have been your greatest influences? Your biggest obstacles (you don’t need to name names, just generalizing is fine)? How have you seen these shape you as a writer?

When you feel a moment of indecision or self-doubt, what have you found to be the best method or trick to get out of that nasty funk?

If you write paranormal or thriller, have you ever scared yourself? Was it late at night? What happened!? (Hey, once I scared myself so badly, I had to say an entire rosary before I could fall asleep–and I’m not even that religious!)

What is your favorite part about developing your characters? Why?

For series writers, pick a first book to one of your series. When did you get that hunch that told you these characters would continue on in another book or that their story wasn’t entirely done? Did you choose the same main characters or did you explore some supporting characters’ lives?

Have you been published in small press, big press, as an indie, or a combination? Why did you make this decision? If you chose indie, what was the ‘turning point’ for you?

Paranormal writers, if you were reincarnated as an animal, which would you be? If you think you’ve been an animal already, which one?

Do you ever take yourself too seriously? When that happens, what type of book do you read or music do you listen to in order to get out of that mindset?

You’ve got a pen and paper in hand, but no story. At that moment, do you free-write or doodle?

Tell me about your book. Why did you write this particular story? Was it simmering peacefully on the back burner or did it startle you like a kitchen flash fire?

A memory: You are looking at your very first published book, for the very first time in print or as an ebook. Tell me exactly what you are feeling? Emotions and sensations. Where are you? Who is the first person you tell?

(Questions that are in a group can be counted as one or multiple, depending on your preference).

**Please include your answers along with the rest of the info requested in Option 2 on the AUTHOR’S GUIDE page to:

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